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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Main Page Refresh

You might notice that the main page looks a bit different. That's because Blogger (owned by Google) changed the way their service works. The details are unimportant, but for the most part, I think, the site should basically look and act the same.

If the site looks weird to you, try holding the [SHIFT] key while pressing the "reload" or "refresh" icon in your web browser. That will bypass your browser's cache and force it to load a new copy of the website.

If it still doesn't look right, please contact me using the contact page.


  1. I think he meant to type hold the CTRL key because it is used for that operation, just to let everyone know.

  2. Oh I see what you mean! The word didn't show up at all because I put it in HTML style brackets. I changed it. Thanks for pointing it out.


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