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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Paradigms! Paradigms! Paradigms! (Verbs)

Good news! I made two changes to errata in the verb paradigms this week.

  1. Someone with a real eagle eye noticed that the ... ahem (this is a mouthful!) ... third person plural future passive imperative was listed in the space reserved for second person plural future passive imperative. Oh my! There is no second person plural future passive imperative! :) (New Latin Grammar, Page 72). 
  2. The verb paradigms for the fero class of verbs included an incorrectly formed gerund/gerundive (future passive participle). That is now fixed.
As usual, most of the corrections to this Lexicon go on daily. I usually correct between 5 and 10 errors per day. Thanks for all those eagle eyes out there spotting typos, errors, and database mistakes! 

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