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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Perfect Syncopation

Look at this:
18204 total word(s)
17369 word(s) found
20 word(s) not found
815 word(s) ignored
0.11% of words not found
4.48% of words ignored
3264 unique word(s)
But what does it mean???

Well, I've just run the word analysis tool on Livy Ab Urbe Condita Book 2. The important thing to note is that out of eighteen thousand words, only 20 weren't parsed and found in the dictionary. That's pretty much amazing.

How did this happen? Well, two things had to happen. First, I ignore capitalized words that weren't located in the dictionary. Essentially, I'm ignoring proper names and place names. Second, I programmed Numen's ability to parse syncopated perfect verbs: laudasse (laudavisse), norat (noverat), et cetera.

I still have a bit of testing to do to make sure I didn't break anything, but this was one of the few major hurdles that I needed to overcome to get a nearly perfect parsing engine!

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