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Monday, August 22, 2011

Down Time

This site was down for about 24 hours -- I apologize for the inconvenience, especially at the beginning of the semester. We had massive power surges due to an electrical storm and the university lost power for a time. All should be back to normal now.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Numen Mobile

jQuery Mobile
I found this awesome little development API called jQuery -- it's made my life a million times easier. One of the components of jQuery is called jQuery Mobile for building mobile websites.

What an amazing API! I completely rebuilt Numen Mobile in about 3 short days worth of coding. Not only does it look better, but it does way more stuff, and best of all is that it's compatible with many different devices. I've tested it on iPhone, iPad and a couple of different Android devices. Supposedly it also works on many different devices and in many different browsers (see a list of supported platforms).

Please feel free to check out Numen Mobile, bookmark it, and share it with people who might find it useful. Feedback is always welcome.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Multiple Sources and Multiple Dictionaries Online

It took almost a year of work to get this new source system online. It's done! Or at least what clients (that's you) can see is done.

As of right now, with any luck, if you look down in the bottom-right corner of your browser, you should see a source box.

[If not, press SHIFT+F5 on your keyboard or upgrade to the most recent version of your browser or clear  you web cache/temporary internet files.]

With this new feature you can control which dictionaries your Latin words come from. As of right now, the old Lewis Elementary is online as well as the Lewis and Short Latin Dictionary (the original basis for the OLD). You can also control which priority your words come from.

This feature is a long time coming, but there still may be bugs. If there are, please let me know! I hope you enjoy this feature.

Here are a couple of things to note. 1) Macrons are slightly different in the LNS than in the LEM. 2) I haven't tweaked any of the words in the LNS, so there is potentially a lot more bad data there (which I will eventually fix with your help). 3) Whitaker's Words and Latinitas Recens will be online soon.

UPDATE: One thing I forgot to mention is that the LNS includes about 50,000 headwords compared to about 17,000 in the LEM. SO ... there are a lot more words!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

English Phrase Lookup

I recently found the need to look up more than just words in English, so I added a feature to the "Search English" page where you can type in a phrase.

Try typing in something like "in vain." It's not perfect, but I think this will help people looking for phrases of a technical, legal, etc. nature.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Site will be down on Monday

Due to a power outage tomorrow, the server will be down most of the day Monday. It should be back late Monday evening or Tuesday morning. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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