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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

DNS Issues!

Stop me if you've heard this one before!

Our host moved us to a new server and the migration has run into some DNS issues. The site is not going down permanently -- it'll be back soon. I will continue to work to make sure it comes back up soon. 

Thanks for your patience and please accept my apologies. 


  1. thank you! still the best latin dictionary anywhere. i thought we had lost you permanently. salve!

  2. I was very worried we had lost you. I tell all of my students about this website; it is absolutely the most efficient Latin dictionary.

  3. Gratias maximas tibi ago! Yours is the best Latin dictionary around.

  4. This is the best Latin dictionary I've found. I'm kind of lost without it. Thanks for keeping this site going!

  5. Thank goodness you're back. Your website is an essential resource for my struggles with Latin. Thank you.

  6. Thank you. This dictionary is so useful, especially the English-Latin part. An important resource.

  7. why does it keep going down, especially on the weekends?


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