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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Down for almost three weeks...

The amount of frustration this "firewall" glitch has caused me is nothing compared to how badly I feel that the website was down for ... almost 3 weeks. It seemed like there was no end to the number of emails I sent to the IT department to get it back up and running, but in the end it took nothing less than several phone calls to the proper supervisors. To everyone who was inconvenienced by this downtime, I truly apologize. I made the mistake of assuming that a 2-minute setting change would take two minutes. Let my mistake be a lesson to anyone in the same position.


  1. Uff, you know, this page is everything for me studyng latin and for a couple of weeks a thought I was like an orphan...

  2. I use this site regularly, to improve my Latin skills with the breviary (the official daily prayer of the Roman Catholic Church outside Mass) ... I am so glad that this was just a glitch, and not a permanent closure! Great to have y'all back!


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