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Friday, July 2, 2010

Regular Updates

What's going on now? As always, work goes on in the background, but nothing big has changed. Regardless, I want to make sure the front page stays fresh, so this update is to let you know that I continue to make small improvements to the dictionary data and the paradigms that the Latin parsing engine runs on.

Mostly, I spend a good amount of time correcting bad data, fixing wonky definitions, etc. But from time to time I find an error in a paradigm (for instance, recently I found macrons on -unt verbs) and fix it. Just a few days ago I discovered that short form 3rd adverbs like potenter don't parse properly; that's one of my current projects.

What's going on in the future? I'm still pulling data out of the big Lewis dictionary. I haven't loaded it yet because I'm happily discovering that the big Lewis dictionary has a wealth of information that can be extracted. The hard part, as it turns out, is extracting it. I don't know when the new data will be online, but rest assured I'm working on it often.

Until next time, feedback is always welcome!

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